Sarah (Australia)


It has been a dream of mine to create a clothing line since I was about 10 years old. Evolving into a woman in my early twenties, sustainable living became not only a desire, but a lifestyle I have chosen, so to combine my passion for fashion with sustainability evolved naturally.

I knew my direction and the path I wanted to walk and I manifested my vision for this dream and began to figure it out. However, this was not an easy start as I had no experience in sewing, pattern making, fabric dyeing or even the basics of how to run a business. I battled with the voice in my head telling me I should enrol in a fashion school or a TAFE course so, I travelled for interviews on the Gold Coast and Melbourne and after each one I felt so much resistance to enrol. Instead, I honoured my intuition of knowing that is not how I wanted to learn my craft. I wanted to learn on my home soil from the creative women I was surrounded by. I wanted to teach myself and not follow a book, sit in a classroom or learn from a teacher online. I wanted to create in nature with dirty bare feet whilst seeing the beauty through my mistakes making my own rules up along the way. I wanted to create my story from my most authentic heart space and follow my intuition and dream. With no structure and no written rules, the beauty evolved and the magic began. I thank my dearest friend Dorothy for showing my the way and sharing her creative energy to bring this dream to life!


Ellie (Australia)

Pattern Maker/Seamstress

I first met Ellie in 2018 when we collaborated on my previous label, 'Earth + Sage' where we handmade each piece in my home in the hills. Ellie is a really special friend of mine who takes all of my wild ideas and brings them to life. Ellie and I work together on the Sunshine Coast and put the dream to machine creating you the perfect pieces. Together we design and create our patterns and samples and ensure that each one is perfect before we produce. Ellie is the wizard who sets the bar for quality on all of our designs, she is committed to the perfect pattern and brings you an all Australian Handmade Collection. 


Phuong  (Vietnam)

Designer/Pattern Maker/Seamstress

Phuong is the brains and beauty behind our amazing women's collection made in Vietnam and a woman I hold very close to my heart. My love for hemp and sustainable fabrics tends to lead me down endless rabbit holes of history and facts most evenings, researching and dreaming as to where I can find it in its rawest, most natural form around the world. In 2019 I travelled to Vietnam in search for the perfect fabrics and wild hemp. I packed an open heart and a suitcase full of patterns and samples and left on an adventure on my own as I was being lead by the power of women and tribe.

It was not all butterflies and green lights in the beginning. Rummaging through fabric flea markets and meeting tailors with no environmental awareness left me disheartened. I felt like I was pushing up against a brick wall and ready to give up when I was then lead to a store off the beaten track. As soon as I stepped foot inside Phuong's store, I knew I had found something special. Her fabrics, designs and energy was nothing I had ever seen or felt before. I had to meet the creator of this store, so I tracked down Phuong, the owner.

Days later we met and there was an instant connection, a love, and a somewhat past life that we have lived together. I travelled to the hills to ground my intensions and then returned to spend many days on the floor of Phuong's store combining our ideas and passion for sustainable fashion as we designed a collection and a story to share with the world. A collection for women to feel raw and empowered in…

It has been a very long, slow journey to completing this collection but a dream brought to life by practice and patience. Phuong and her women have poured so much love and time into hand-making and embroidering each individual piece with no two pieces the same. Together as women we walk hand-in-hand empowering each other, learning and expanding every day. This is only the beginning of a very special road ahead….


This is Our Team, Our Family.

We hope you enjoy wearing the pieces that we have created for you and your people
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