We The Native.



Clothing made from Earth for Earth

Each piece is made from 100% hemp or 100% linen fabrics sourced from mountains and fields around the world.

We The Native is based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is a collaboration of our three amazing artisans.

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We need to help heal our Planet.
As humans we can do our part each and every day to live consciously, shop mindfully and give back where we can. We believe we can do our part by creating a beautiful, raw and ethical clothing line without contributing to or ending up in landfill.

We are committed to using the most sustainable and highest quality fabrics with minimal or no environmental impact.

We reduce our carbon footprint where possible.

Our productions do not see a factory or warehouse and are made with love in small studios and workshops.

We travel each season to visit and spend time with our team, emerging ourselves in their culture and learning their traditional techniques.

We support our friends and their families in our supply chain by paying at or above fair wage.